Passion Fuels Persistance

Passion is what fuels persistence in times of resistance ~ Flavio

I’m pretty sure you have woken up to some super tough days in your business.

The invoice that you needed to come through on time didn’t get paid, and you’re stuck without cash to pay contractors.

That one project that took longer to finish or the customers who aren’t happy and want a refund. The provisional tax you owe IRD is hanging over your head, and you think it’s time to throw in the towel. This is not what you got into business for…

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Your tough time is not going to last. A lot of business owners will eventually feel the burden of these issues.

And trust me when I say that you probably just need that little bit of structure and systematise your company.

Until you do that, you just need that little bit of magical persistence sprinkle — a way to keep you in line when the going gets tough.

Here are six ways that have helped me fuel my persistence in the past:

Your Vision is your passion: Do you have a clear image in mind of where you want to end up? The key here is to have in mind an image, something you can see and maybe even touch or feel. Just for you.

Your Motivation becomes your why: What’s your reason for doing this? What impact are you hoping for? What is your why?

Have an action plan: Before things get tough, you want to have a roadmap of where you are heading and what steps need to be taken. It allows you to understand your current position relative to where you are going.

Stay optimistic: Easier said than done, I get it. But maybe look at stepping back from the problem. Take a break, go for a walk, take time away. I find that physical exercise feeds your dopamine levels and gives you a slight nudge towards optimism.

Find support: This should probably be right at the top. I have spoken about how business can be lonely in the past. Often, friends, relatives and partners don’t get what it takes to run a business, let alone the issues you face. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who get it, good on you, if not, find yourself a mastermind group of people who will support you when things get tough.

Build routines and habits: It’s one thing to write down your goals and vision, the other is to stick at it and keep working on making it happen. Develop mini-systems aka routines that help you to get shit done.

You could be one invoice away from solving all your cash flow issues ;-)

And remember:

Passion is what fuels persistence in times of resistance ~ Flavio




Kiwi Tech Founder turned MBA Lecturer, trainer & facilitator. Obsessed with simplifying growth —

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Flavio Hangarter

Flavio Hangarter

Kiwi Tech Founder turned MBA Lecturer, trainer & facilitator. Obsessed with simplifying growth —

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