Presence Makes The Difference

Last year, my partner and I, along with some friends, have enjoyed weekend yoga sessions. It has become a good part of our routine followed by the stereotypical brunch in the local fancy area in our activewear, sipping fresh barista coffee (don’t worry, I tend to wear loose clothes).

There is something blissful about weekend routines that translates into the following work week, or perhaps it’s my german roots that make me secretly crave and love the discipline and structure that come with this newfound habit.

While my yoga skills are most questionable, I do however like to reflect on the yoga sessions.

What I have learnt is the difference in how people feel post-session is not about what training is delivered but rather HOW it is delivered.

Whether you are a new business leader or tech founder, running a sales meeting or pitching your company, the difference between okay and great is evident.

When we are new at something or delivering without much practice, we get carried away with the what. The training we provide, the sales pitch we make or presentation we have to give. We stress out about what we need to deliver and focus every minute detail. Interestingly, our mind starts to wander away from the now to think of the next part of our delivery.

We become less present, and the less present we become, the less confidence we portray to our team and listeners.

The same happens to me when I teach my paper at University, or when my clients work on their business pitches, remembering the content verbatim is almost impossible. Whether you deliver a 2-hour lecture or give a 15-minute presentation…

“It’s not what you deliver; it’s how you deliver it. “

Rather than focusing too much attention on the content, focus on how you will deliver it. People are emotional beings and like to connect and feel. When giving your next pitch, running your sales meeting, or training team members try the following three actions:

Be present.

When you overthink on what you deliver, your mind will naturally start to drift away from being present in the delivery. That is true in sales pitches as it is in your next team meeting. Be here, be now.

Be confident.

There is something about confidence that attracts us to people and gives us a sense that what the other person is saying is correct. It establishes authority and takes away doubt. Be present and show up with conviction.

Be interactive.

You might remember the zoom meetings that seem never-ending, the lecture that dragged on for what seems a lifetime. Engage people with your presentation. It will take the limelight away from you and help others be present in what you’re delivering.

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Kiwi Tech Founder turned MBA Lecturer, trainer & facilitator. Obsessed with simplifying growth —

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Flavio Hangarter

Flavio Hangarter

Kiwi Tech Founder turned MBA Lecturer, trainer & facilitator. Obsessed with simplifying growth —

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